Recommended Reading


Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis): An Update
(EBook)  $9.99

An update to the classic – “Shy Bladder Syndrome: Your Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Paruresis,” the definitive book on shy bladder.

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The Shy Bladder Syndrome: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Overcoming Paruresis  The definitive book on paruresis.  (New Harbinger Publications, 2001)  $13.95

Written by experts in the field:
Steven Soifer, Ph. D., M.S.W., CEO of IPA
George D. Zgourides, Psy.D.
Joseph Himle, Ph.D., M.S.W.
Nancy L. Pickering

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Bathrooms Make Me Nervous:  A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder)  $20.00

Carol Olmert, IPA’s Women’s Coordinator
(CJOB Publications: 2008)
The first book to explore the shy bladder condition (paruresis) from a woman’s point of view. It offers clear and effective information on understanding, coping with, and recovering from the phobia.

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“Free To Pee: A Self-Help Guide for Men with Paruresis.”
Christopher McCullough, Ph.D. (2000)  $20.00

The best guide for learning about secondary paruresis and how to deal with it.

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