Volunteer Opportunities

Publications Writer

IPA is in need of a writer who can prepare educational materials on paruresis for public outreach. Some tasks we need done include preparing a brochure to assist schools in developing drug-test programs that treat those with paruresis fairly, and describe paruresis and its treatment for students and parents.  Other educational materials needed are a support group leader’s manual, a post-workshop resource guide, information on how to select a therapist, a compilation of key insights from people who have made a successful recovery, and a series of targeted documents for medical and psychological treatment professionals, government policy makers, human relations departments, and correctional administrators who deal with prisoners or parolees with paruresis.

Restroom Design Advocate

This person will work with government, restroom equipment manufacturers, and the American Restroom Association to develop standards for improved restroom design and public access to restroom facilities.  You should have some knowledge of construction, architecture, plumbing, and be able to work with a variety of public and private agencies to explain the need for improved restroom design and access, as well as the advantages to each group of providing better restrooms.  You will need to gather and present information showing these benefits in a persuasive way to help achieve these goals.


As a fundraising specialist, you will help IPA find funding sources to carry out its initiatives.  You will need experience in charitable fund raising, finding philanthropic, corporate, and government funding sources, and setting up effective fundraising programs that are easy to maintain.

Please contact the IPA if you wish to volunteer for any of these positions.