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Board of Directors and Staff


W. Brian Beatty, President
Dan Rocker, Vice-President
Buffy Richardson, Secretary
Dave Fenbert, Treasurer
Thomas Achatz
John Allen
Brad Kaltenheuser
David Kliss
David Marks
Raul Muñoz
Steven Weinraub

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor: Steve Soifer
Executive Director: Tim Pyle

Advisory Board


Philip Baumgaertner
Scott Beardsley, M.A.
Donald Brannan, M.D.
Scott Blair-West, M.D.
Paul Bohn, M.D.
Michael Chancellor, M.D.
Wendy Cooper, LCSW- C
Paul Cosulich
Signe Dayhoff, Ph.D.
Elias Domingo, J.D.
Matt Friedman, Health Technical Advisor
Professor Alex Gardner, B.Sc., M.Ed., AFBPs
Peter Gardner, M.D.
Bill Garner, M.D.
Sarah Gates, J.D.
David Gordon, M.D.
Marty Grifone
Phil Haber, LCPC
Philipp Hammelstein, Dipl. – Psych.
Francis Head
Joseph Himle, M.S.W, Ph.D
Bill Hubbell, M.D.
Michelle Hunt
Matthew Johnson
David Kosins, Ph.D
Aly Krotenberg
David Levine
Ruth Lippin
Tom Mallory
James Melka
Roger Merritt
Mitch Mouallem
Gregory Nicaise, M.D.
Carol Olmert
Nancy Pickering
John Powell
John Reimer
Dr. Mark Rinsky
Carl Robbins, M.S., LCPC
Barry Ross
Tim Sidor, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Melanie Silver
Andrew Smith M.A.
Henry P. Sorett, Esq.
Patrick Weiss
Andrea Weyant
R. Reid Wilson, Ph.D.
Sally Winston, PsyD.
Don Woodside, M.D.
Richard Ziprin, Ph.D.

P.O. Box 21237
Catonsville, MD 21228

You Are Not Alone.
There Is Help For You!

Shy Bladder, Bashful Bladder, Pee Shy


Tuesday - Friday
1:00pm - 5:00pm (EST)

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Email: getinfo@paruresis.org

This website is NOT a substitute for medical or legal advice and does not constitute the practice of law, medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work, or any other mental health profession. If you are having trouble urinating, you should always contact a physician since difficulty with voiding can be a symptom of a serious medical condition. We are a group of professional people and people who have suffered with paruresis. We have assembled a board and a board of advisors to help people cope with urinary dysfunction that has a psychological or social origin. On this website, we are NOT practicing medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work or any other mental health profession. You should have your doctor evaluate your condition before diagnosing yourself, and seek the appropriate necessary mental health counseling if warranted. IPA, Inc. disclaims any and all legal liability whatsoever.

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