Drug Testing Reform

The International Paruresis Association is involved in advocating for the rights of people with paruresis who have been unfairly discriminated against in drug testing.  Such discrimination may happen in cases of applying for a job, keeping an existing job, being in the criminal justice system as a prisoner or suspect, and for students in school participating in athletics or other activities.  Our position is simple:  If a person with paruresis needs a drug test for any reason, a method must be provided that doesn’t require a urine sample. 

Modern technology provides several alternatives to urine drug testing, such as oral fluid (saliva), sweat patch, and hair samples.  All of these methods can detect illegal drug use, and all of them can be done by completely voluntary means.  The main issue with urine testing is that giving a urine sample requires properly-coordinated involuntary nervous system activity, something which is impossible for people with paruresis to do if they are experiencing anxiety.

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