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New Backend System is Live

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Peeing in the Sin Bin

Treatment for Paruresis is based on a concept known as “gradual exposure therapy”. The ultimate goal is to become comfortable voiding in close proximity to others. To test this theory, for two days we binged on bottled water and practiced peeing in a variety of environments. Las Vegas is riddled with challenging scenarios, as there is no escaping the constant hustle and bustle of people. If you can ace peeing at a urinal in a packed casino restroom, there’s a good chance you can transcend paruresis.

Painting the Town Yellow in Las Vegas

As paruretics we learn to accommodate so our day to day lives are less affected, until things change. Maybe it is a new job, moving to a new city, or having to travel that initiates the obsession of – where will I pee? how will I pee? This summer, I grew tired of obsessing and decided to invest in myself and attend the Vegas workshop.

Trekking with Paruresis

My struggle with shy bladder has pushed me to be a person of action. 10 years ago, I dreamed of doing something awesome to culminate the end of my Air Force career. It wasn’t the standard thing to do and would put me in a situation well outside my comfort zone. Which happens to be exactly what graduated exposure does. Four days after I retired from the Air Force, I set out on a backpacking trip from the US and Mexico border near Lordsburg New Mexico to the eastern part of Yellowstone National Forest in Wyoming along the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).

Help for Women

Ever since I was six years old and was walked in on while on the potty by a neighbor boy, who announced with exuberant laughter “I hear you peeing!”, I have had bathroom issues. These issues snowballed over the years into a full-blown case of primary and secondary paruresis. When I was in a bathroom out of my comfort zone I would often feel like I was sitting on a time bomb that could go off at any moment. I had better be ready to run if someone knocks on that bathroom door or starts jiggling the handle.

This is Oliver…

This is Oliver. Why am I sharing this picture of an adorable little kitty? Last night I went to a college friend’s house. We’re sitting around having a few drinks and I have to use the bathroom which is down around the corner from where we’re all sitting. So, I go there and the “lock” is a tiny hook-and-eye set-up that is very sketchy and leaves a small crack in the door opening.


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