A Book for Women with Shy Bladder Syndrome

Bathrooms Make Me Nervous

A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder)

By Carol Olmert, IPA’s Women’s Coordinator
(CJOB Publications: 2008)


Bathrooms Make Me Nervous is the first book to explore the shy bladder condition (paruresis) from a woman’s point of view. Written by Carol Olmert, the IPA’s Women’s Coordinator and recovered paruretic, it offers clear and effective information on understanding, coping with, and recovering from the phobia.

You will discover:

  • you’re not the only woman in the world who suffers
  • why a female’s bathroom experience differs from a male’s (and the implications)
  • practical suggestions and extensive illustrations that help apply the information and techniques
  • updated treatment methods
  • inspirational stories from other females who have coped and recovered

From practical tips to stories of recovery, this complete handbook offers hope and inspiration to bathroom-challenged women. For further information, please visit the official website at http://www.BathroomsMakeMeNervous.com or purchase the book at the IPA Store or at Lulu.com.