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New DOT Drug Testing Rules – March/April 2022

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I applaud the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for recognizing the need for oral fluid testing options. I agree that workplace drug testing for those falling under DOT rules is necessary for the safety of all Americans. However, the addition of oral fluid testing is particularly important for people like me who suffer from shy bladder syndrome, medically known as “Paruresis.”

Under current rules, people suffering from Paruresis, and those who simply are reacting to the stress of potentially losing their livelihoods by not being able to produce a urine sample, are treated unfairly. Productive, non-drug using employees are not “refusing” to be tested for illegal substances, they simply are confronted with the inability to provide a urine sample – a psychological and physical impossibility despite their fervent wish to do so.

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I implore the DOT to allow the upfront selection by employees to provide an oral fluid specimen for testing. Requiring employees to attempt a urine sample first, or to provide documentation of the reason for their request, is a waste of time and resources and an invasion of privacy.

Thank you for accepting these comments. It is a relief to see the focus on addressing these concerns in this document.

The proposed rules for the US Department of Transportation (DOT) were open for public comment for the addition of Oral Fluid Specimen Testing for Drugs. The comment period ended April 29, 2022. The International Paruresis Association thanks those who supported our effort to ensure the most favorable rules are adopted for people suffering from shy bladder syndrome. We anticipate seeing the completed rules in late 2022 or early 2023.

While the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has adopted rules for oral fluid collection for workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, individual agencies may decide whether to provide an oral fluid option using those rules. The DOT is a bellwether for other government agencies. Many other departments follow the DOT’s lead in implementing their own rules. So, it is important they get the DOT process correct.

This comment period was the paruresis community’s ideal opportunity to ensure fair treatment of those suffering from this social anxiety. Our goal is for employees to have the right to choose oral fluid testing upfront or to improve options and processes for those who may still be required to undergo urine testing.

Although the comment portal is closed, you can read what was our suggested format for a response below. We’re convinced that the personal stories that were shared will make a big impact. Thank you for taking full advantage of this chance to share concerns about the unfair rules that are currently in place and to make new rules available to all, starting with the Department of Transportation. If you need more information, use the Contact the IPA form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Again, thanks for your time and your effort.

Click here for the IPA Press Release: feel free to share with your local media outlets.


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