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This is Oliver…

Feb 25, 2023 | Humor

Adorable KittyThis is Oliver. Why am I sharing this picture of an adorable little kitty? Last night I went to a college friend’s house. We’re sitting around having a few drinks and I have to use the bathroom which is down around the corner from where we’re all sitting. So, I go there and the “lock” is a tiny hook-and-eye set-up that is very sketchy and leaves a small crack in the door opening. I’m having a pee and I hear the lock jiggling and this kitty has followed me and is pushing against the door with his little paw poking through. I have a laugh and I’m appreciating the fact that I can pee in this situation. And my heart is aching a little bit for all the people I know who would avoid a nice get together because of their Paruresis.

Later, of course, I have to go again and I’m in mid pee and Oliver has jumped against the door and popped the lock and joins me. So. I am laughing hysterically because now the bathroom door is fully open and I’m in mid pee! What’s the moral of the story? Beware of sketchy locks and adorable kitties. And you can overcome your Paruresis!

  • Tim Pyle, Executive Director (2-25-23)



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